Customer Service

Welcome to Sangoma Customer Support

Sangoma prides itself in delivering world-class Customer Support to ensure your business with the best communication performance. Whether you are an SMB (small-to-medium Business), Enterprise or larger service provider, our various levels of support packages, along with implementation & deployment services guarantees your business with tailored support that meets your needs. Our global Support team with in-depth industry and product knowledge ensures you receive the support and services you need, when you need it.

Sangoma provides global technical support to our service providers and partners through our offices in North America, the United Kingdom, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. Our partners and customers can rely on Sangoma’s team of technical support professionals who provide high-quality, prompt, and efficient technical and product-related support. Our CSEs provide technical support directly to Empowered by Sangoma Channel Partner or End Users (support recipient).

Simply login to here with your Sangoma Portal account to begin. If you do not have an account, please create an account on the Sangoma Portal or click here.

Direct email access is not accepted for Ticket Creation. Phone access is not accepted until a valid ticket is created via the web.


All FreePBX customers looking for support on Commercial Modules would login with the same username and password you used to purchase your commercial modules.

If you are a FreePBX customer looking for Paid Support and have not purchased support credits or created your account for our Portal/Store, yet please review this wiki link. Otherwise, login with the same username and password you used to purchase your support credits.

Free of charge, we offer our online knowledgebase providing you access to Step-by-step Installation & configuration Instructions, Software upgrades and drivers, Frequently Asked Questions, Troubleshooting & Debugging. Visit the Wiki now ➔